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We empower the energy evolution

Andreas Schierenbeck

Andreas Schierenbeck (CEO): "We have set the strategic course to significantly accelerate decarbonization. Uniper will take a leading position in climate-friendly electricity and gas supply and support its customers in decarbonization. And since the path to a zero-emission future also requires the necessary financial resources, we will invest more heavily in new, attractive business areas."

Sascha Bibert (CFO): "We have the right portfolio, and we also have the financial power to achieve our goals: Attractive financial ratios in the medium-term plan allow us to envisage a further increase in dividends and at the same time secure the financial strength to implement growth investments. Between 2020 and 2022, we intend to spend nearly €1.2 billion exclusively on projects that empower the energy evolution.”

Sasche Bibert

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Capital Markets Presentations

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