Analysts‘ Estimates

The forecasts published here are based on independent estimates by domestic and international financial analysts who conduct evaluations of Uniper SE's business performance.

For your convenience, we have compiled summaries of analyst estimates for principal reference indicators.

References to recommendations and ratings is for informational purposes only. Uniper SE accepts no liability for the selection, currency, completeness or accuracy of analyst recommendations and estimates. None of the information shall be construed as an offer to buy Uniper shares. Uniper SE accepts no liability for damages incurred by third parties arising from the information obtained.

Consensus estimates of principal indicators for Uniper SE

   2017e 2018e 2019e
 in €m  Median   Max   Min   Median   Max   Min   Median   Max   Min  
 Adjusted EBITDA  1,816   1,917   1,720   1,574   1,967   1,476   1,728   1,931   1,508  
 Adjusted EBIT  1,166   1,237   1,100   941   1,028   844   1,044   1,186   963  
 Underlying Net Income  774   959   615   633   833   499   692   787   596  
 Adj. FFO  671   1,084   575   684   805   516   942   1,178   774  
 FCfO  285   745   225   310   405   166   538   772   379  
 Dividend*  250   256   223   301   318   231   410   498   344  
 *with dividend payout in the subsequent year Status: as of February 02, 2018; based on the estimates of 18 participating analysts. 

This report was prepared by Vara Research GmbH for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide investment advice. It is based on an evaluation of past and an estimation of future earnings and performance of the relevant company by various market analysts. Owing to their subjective character, such estimates and forecasts cannot be independently verified. Despite careful review, Vara Research GmbH cannot provide any guarantee, assurance or warranty as to completeness or accuracy; responsibility and liability is therefore excluded.