Shareholder Structure

Institutionals and private Investors

With 46.65%, E.ON SE via E.ON Beteiligungen GmbH is the largest shareholder in Uniper. The free float amounts to 53.35%. With respect to the free float, the latest analysis of the shareholder structure carried out in April 2017 has shown that institutional investors represent the largest group of shareholders with 63% of the freely traded capital stock. Just over 20% are held by private shareholders, most of whom are domiciled in Germany.

Investors from Continental Europe (excluding Germany) have a free float of 20% (or 31% on the subset of institutional investors). A further 18% of the freely traded capital stock is held by institutional investors from the USA and Canada (or 28% of the institutional investors). Shareholders from the UK and Ireland hold 14% of Uniper shares in free float. Institutional investors from Germany account for 8% of the free float. The other 5% are attributable to shareholders from the rest of world.

For further information, two charts show a breakdown of all shareholder groups as well as a breakdown of the institutional shareholders by country/region.

Shareholder structure: Investors

Shareholder structure: Institutional investors by country/region

Sources: Share register and Ipreo

As of 17 April 2016

Shareholder structure Uniper SE

E.ON plans to release its Uniper shares over time. Apart from the market protection agreement between E.ON and Uniper, there are no restrictions as to the availability of shares. These were valid for a period of 90 days from the first day that Uniper shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. For details please refer to the Prospectus.

Number of Shares
E.ON SE 170,720,340
Free Floating Uniper Shares 195,239,660
Total 365,960,000