Shareholder Structure

Shareholder structure at the time of the listing

The E.ON SE and Uniper SE general shareholder meetings provided nearly unanimous approval of the spin-off and acquisition agreement. Once the split takes effect, i.e. once the spin-off is recorded in the commercial register for E.ON SE, 46.65% of Uniper shares will be held indirectly by E.ON SE. The remaining 53.35% of Uniper shares will be held by E.ON. SE shareholders.

Effective: September 12, 2016

Number of Shares: 365,960,000 units

Shareholder structure Uniper SE

Number of Shares
E.ON SE 170,720,340
Free Floating Uniper Shares 195,239,660
Total 365,960,000

Shareholder structure for the free floating shares in circulation

Under the recent shareholder structure survey by E.ON (as of 31 December 2015; source: E.ON), it was determined that around 75% are institutional investors and 25% are private investors. The Uniper shareholder structure may be permanently changed with the listing and subsequent trading. In particular, passive institutional investors in E.ON that model their portfolios based on stock market indices such as the DAX will be forced to dissolve their Uniper shares.

E.ON plans to release its Uniper shares over time. Apart from the market protection agreement between E.ON and Uniper, there are no restrictions as to the availability of shares. These are valid for a period of 90 days from the first day that Uniper shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. For details please refer to the prospectus.

Uniper offers an interesting capital market story. Following presentation of this story during a 'Capital Market Day' held jointly by Uniper and E.ON in April 2016, numerous new contacts were made with investors both at home and abroad by the Uniper Board and through intensive investor relations activities. The aim is to position Uniper shares as an attractive equity investment over the short and long term. Depending on liquidity, we are making an effort to be included in the MDAX index of the German Stock Exchange as part of the next regular modification in the composition of the index.