Shareholder Structure

Institutionals and private Investors

A survey conducted in June 2018 shows significant shifts in Uniper’s shareholder structure.

Institutional investors account for more than 90% of the largest group of investors. About 8% of Uniper's shares are held by private investors, most of which are resident in Germany.

The Finnish energy company Fortum was offered a total of 47.12% in a public takeover offer which was launched on November 7, 2017. On February 7, 2018, Fortum announced that until the expiry of the additional acceptance period on February 2, 2018, the offer has been accepted for in total 172,439,375 Uniper shares. E.ON had decided on January 08, 2018, to accept Fortum's takeover bid for its entire stake in Uniper SE of 46.65%. The closing of the public takeover offer took place on June 26, 2018, following all offer conditions had been satisfied.

For details with respect to Uniper’s shareholder structure, see: Voting Rights Notifications.

The geographic distribution has shifted significantly because of the entry of Fortum as our new major shareholder and the purchase of larger blocks of shares or their redeployment.

For further information, two charts show a breakdown of all shareholder groups and a breakdown of shareholders in geographical distribution.

Shareholder structure: Investors

Shareholder structure: Investors by country/region

*direct holdings

Sources: Ipreo, Share Register, Voting Rights Notifications

As of 26 June 2018

Shareholder structure Uniper SE

On September 26, 2017 E.ON released an ad-hoc notice that it has reached agreement with Fortum Corporation according to which E.ON has the right to tender its remaining Uniper stake in the course of a public takeover offer by Fortum in early 2018.

On November 07,2017, the offer document for the voluntary public takeover offer (cash offer) of Fortum Deutschland SE was published to the shareholders of Uniper SE for the purchase of their registered no-par-value shares.

On January 08, 2018, E.ON decided to accept Fortum's takeover offer released on November 7, 2017 for the shares of Uniper SE. Following the completion of the offer, E.ON will sell its entire stake in Uniper to Fortum for a total value of € 22 per share.

On February 7, 2018, as part of its mandatory disclosure requirements, Fortum announced that the offer for a total of 702,782 Uniper shares has been accepted until the expiry of the additional acceptance period on February 2, 2018. In total, until the end of the additional acceptance period the offer has been accepted for in total 172,439,375 Uniper-Shares. This corresponds to 47.12% of the share capital and the voting rights of Uniper SE.

Fortum settled its voluntary public takeover offer for the outstanding shares of Uniper SE on June 26, 2018. Shareholders who tendered their shares to Fortum’s tender offer are receiving a payment of € 21.31 per share. Shareholders also benefitted from Uniper’s dividend of € 0.74 per share that was paid following the Annual General Meeting in early June.

Together with the shares acquired in the public takeover offer, Fortum has as of June 25, 2018, acquired 47.35% of Uniper shares.

Number of Shares Share
Fortum 173,362,443 47.37%
Free Floating Uniper Shares 192,597,557 52.63%
Total 365,960,000 100.00%

Stand: 26. June 2018