Debt is an important source of financing for Uniper. Hence, besides the interests of shareholders, the interests of debt investors play an important role. Often, both types of investors have very similar information needs. However, in some areas, they may require further specific information.

On the following pages, we provide some additional background on Uniper's external financing. The information presented is generally aligned to the interests of our debt investors and to the capital market in general. Here, you will find information on Uniper's financing strategy and rating, as well as details on our financing instruments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our creditor relations team.

Finance strategy

Uniper strives for a healthy balance between attractive cash returns and balance sheet stability.

Uniper's finance strategy rests on three cornerstones described here in detail.

Debt instruments

We use different financing instruments to secure Uniper’s short-, medium- and long-term financing requirements.


The credit rating describes a rating agency's assessment of Uniper's overall creditworthiness and solvency.

We present information on Uniper's external solicited rating.

Contact person

Do you have any questions on Uniper's financing? Would you like to receive further information on other financing topics related to Uniper?

Here you will find the contact details of our contact persons responsible for "Creditor Relations".