Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the generic term for the system of managing and overseeing a company, including its organization, its commercial principles and its internal and external control mechanisms.

For Uniper SE, good corporate governance is a fundamental element of company management and is given high priority. Corporate governance serves as the basis for our decisions and stands for responsible and sustainable business success; it is guaranteed through the close and effective cooperation between the Management and Supervisory Boards acting for the benefit of the company. Through good corporate governance, we seek to foster confidence in the management and supervision of our company on the part of investors, financial markets, our business partners and employees as well as the general public. We seek to apply it throughout the company.

Uniper SE is a European corporation (Societas Europaea - SE). The corporate bodies are the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The company has a two-tier administrative and supervisory system. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board work independently of one another.
A Supervisory Board member cannot, in principle, also serve as a member of the company's Management Board.